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Professional photo editing, Giclée printing onto any medium. A Giclée (pronounced "zheeclay") is a French word meaning, "fine spray". It is a computer generated print that is produced by the spraying of an image on to fine art paper. I produce my own giclees by taking a high quality scan of the original artwork or a high resolution photograph and then print them using an Epson Stylus Pro 7800 printer. The inks used are specially formulated so that the fine print heads can spurt jets of ink in minute droplets at a resolution of 1440 dpi. The paper (or acetate, in the case of layered prints) used is specially prepared to accept this type of printing. As with other fine art printing processes, the artist approves "proofs" of the art print to insure that the right tone, depth and color is produced..

Long Island Black Artists Association
The LIBAA was founded in 1968, and on January 15th 2008 the LIBAA was presented the "Organizational Trail Blazer Award" at Martin Luther King, Jr. 18th Annual Commerative Awards Breakfast held at the Nassau Bar Association in Mineola NY.

For Custom Digital Enhancement
PhotoGraphs restored, Color corrected and Glamour enhanced.